Snacks, Cold Drinks & Fresh Food Systems


Keep your staff and visitors refreshed and satisfied by offering a range of tasty snacks, cold drinks and fresh food items from our range of vending machines.



Snack Machines

Ambient and chilled snack machines vending a wide variety of products. Crisps, confectionery and alternative healthy options.

Cold Drinks Vendors

Chilled cans, cartons and plastic bottle vendors that are able to dispense a range of sizes. Smooth delivery to the collection area to reduce product agitation.

Combined Machines

Able to vend bottle, cans, snack, food and confectionery items from the same machine. Gives great flexibility of product options.

Food Machines

Designed to meet 24-hours refreshment service. Can be configured to hold a variety of products, from sandwiches to chilled pastry items, fruits and porridge pots, as well as snack items and cans.

SuperCups offer a full range of snack and cold beverage products





Specialised chilled distribution network

With a specialised chilled distribution network, SuperCups offer and manage a full range of fresh produce. Freshly made sandwiches, wraps, baguettes and rolls can be delivered daily together with other fresh produce such as yogurts, chilled snacks and fruit. Re-sealable snacks, dried fruit, protein bars and other popular items gives our clients the potential to offer a full refreshment service to their staff 24 hours a day.

Pies, pasties and even plated meals can also be offered with a microwave oven in the breakout area available to heat up selected food items.

We support the continued move toward low sugar and healthier products and source options with these values in mind. We offer a full range of CQUIN compliant products for NHS sites.

Product selection and choice is fully understood for offering the best product for the customer.

Each customer is profiled by SuperCups to understand the mix of age group, gender and activity so that product range meets those demands. Whether it be isotonic drinks for leisure or grab bags for ease of use at a call centre.

Modern Vending at its Best

Our free standing snack, food, can and bottle vendors are an excellent addition to any business, complimented with a great range of popular brands, including healthier and sustainable choices.

The latest Merchant Media models have a number of exceptional features and are at the forefront of vending technology.

Touch Screen

Engages customers and improves overall vending experience

Product Information

Displays nutritional information to help make informed dietary decisions

Shopping Cart

Users may select multiple items and make just one payment

Multiple Payment Options

Allows payment from cash, tokens, card and contactless payments from mobiles and debit cards – ‘Wave & Pay’

Intelligent Store

Remotely manage and sync planograms and pricing

Advertising Media Screen

Promote other products and services from the display screen


Latest Equipment

Our range of cold drinks, food and snack machines include all the latest innovative technology for your comfort and convenience. Bank next to our hot drinks machine for the total refreshment solution.


Managed Services

Our dedicated fully operated service means total peace of mind. Out skilled operators will call to clean, replenish and maintain the equipment so you can concentrate on running your business.


Friendly Dedicated Service

We realise you have a choice and always put our customers first. Be assured of the most prefessional and friendly service at all time.


Finance Options

Flexible finance options. We offer a wide variety of payment & finance options available to suit all.


Product selection favours healthy options together with popular favourites. Gyms, sports centres, sports clubs, swimming pools and health clubs.



Wide variety of snacks, food and drinks including fresh food, pies, pasties and regular favourites. Chilled plated meals offers hot food when combined with on-site microwave.


Bespoke product offerings to match the needs of office staff and visitors. Initally a mix of popular favouites and healthy options that adapts depending on items sold over time.


Product offerings to most schools, colleges and universities need to follow government guidelines and offer low sugar, low-fat and healthy alternative items.


Product choice is vital in the healthcare sector and SuperCups have extensive experience in supplying a range of healthy. low-fat and nutritious snack and beverage items.

Fully Managed Operated Vending Services


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