Hot & Cold Water Systems

Bottles water coolers, point-of-use plumbed water chillers and under counter hot & cold tap systems.



Bottle Water Coolers

Traditional bottle water coolers – simply plug in any 13A socket and enjoy chilled refreshing local natural spring water. Hot water option available.

Water Dispensers

SuperCups offers a range of plumbed and filtered chilled and hot water systems that look great in any workplace.

Tap Systems

Our under-counter tap systems dispense freshly filtered instant boiling and chilled drinking water. Smarter, safer and more convenient drinking water.

Hot Water

Instant hot water systems. A welcome addition to serving points where variety of hot beverages are required. Easily be connected to the water mains.

Cathedral Spring Water

Freshly bottled water from a local natural spring source close to Canterbury.

Keep your staff and visitors hydrated.

All 19 litre plastic bottles are reused after sanitising and are fully recyclable at the end of their useful lives.

No Nonsense – No Contract

We offer “no contract, no nonsense” rental chiller units either floor or desk standing which just need a 13 amp power supply.

Help Save the Enviroment

Every year billions of single use plastic water bottles are purchased and discarded in the UK. Many of them find their way into land-fill sites or into our oceans. Plastic bottles can take thousands of years to biodegrade so will be affecting wildlife for milleni

Encourage staff to use their own glass, cup, mug or bottle and fill them with water from our water chillers or under-sink water taps. This will dramatically reduce reliance on individual single-use plastic water bottles and help the environment and wildlife. Your staff will save money too!




Freshly filtered hot & cold water on tap


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